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Non-Profits (Youth & Family)

As a staff or administrator managing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) topics within your own youth and family centered organization and throughout your community, you
seek to partner with a dynamic voice that can complement and enrich your organizational and community event work without getting lost in spin and divisive politics. Super. I would love to contribute to your mission.


I specialize in topics centering on race, gender, intersectionality, divergent identity matters, LGBTQ+ themes, and authentic leadership. I truly seek to deliver real education without the indoctrination.

With an initial consultation, we can collaborate to reach an agreement that will best serve your community. I look forward to delivering meaningful speeches, coaching, consulting, and training services, which include true science and truth telling. 

My gender, race, and intersectional identity struggles compel me to share my story and skills --  while also hearing from and helping others to manage and to incorporate their authenticity into many different spaces.

With more people celebrating their identities, there is a need for effective DEI Services that benefit youth, families, your organization and general community, now more than ever. Yet it can sometimes prove difficult to navigate the choppy political waters in the process.

Contact me and let's advance toward smoother sails in the quest to foster greater cultural competency, proficiency, and of course -- inclusion -- within your agency.

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